Siesta Key!

This past weekend my close college girlfriends and I [sans Angelica, our Europe-touring, Latina amiga] did something we’ve never done before… a girls trip!  Without our boys!  Without our kiddos!  With noagenda!  Glorious, therapeutic, and ridiculously fun doesn’t even cover it.

We met up in Tampa late Thursday night in which we all proceeded to gab incessantly about absolutely everything and at only one volume – loud.  Really loud.  [For the record, that was the same volume we used the entire weekend and my ears are now humming.]  After Stephano picked us up in Giovanni’s car [not kidding], we drove the hour+ to our beautiful destination for the weekend, but only after walking, yes walking, through a Wendy’s drive-through at 12:30 in the morning.  Poor Stephano.  We stayed up until 4:30 in the morning that first night catching up, dancing in the mirrors, telling stories, and laughing at eachother at our own expense.  It was awesome.

Meredith, Haely, me, Meg, and Lauren
Around 11am on Friday, we woke up and got started with the day with a lovely little breakfast at a local breakfast spot.   Then it was off to the ocean!  You know; sunbathing, playing in the water, shelling, and basking in the glory that we had absolutely nothing to tend to.  Later on, we got cleaned up and headed out for dinner ‘n dancing.  We had so. much. fun! 

Haely and I started dancing before there was even music playing and, before we knew it, all five of us were entertaining what-ended-up-being a packed joint with the Running Man, a congo line, twirking, and, of course, my infamous Roger Rabbit.  Oh, and did I mention the near chick-fight that Haely almost got into with one of Siesta’s locals who had a serious problem with the fact that we were… gasp… having fun?!   The stories from this night are neverending… and it was hysterical!

We woke up on Saturday and did just about the same thing we did on Friday… exactly, actually.  This time, though, we were acting like we were six years old as we laid down in the sand at the  ocean shore and played with all of the little critters, made drippy sandcastles, and had tea parties on the sand bar.  We rounded off the night with a nice dinner, walk around the island [in which Lauren mooned an entire Italian restaurant… sober], and crashing early. 

All in all, saying that this trip was a success is a vast understatement.  It was absolutely wonderful and I’m so glad we took the time out of our crazy-busy lives to do this.  I can’t wait to do it again – and this time, Angelica will be in tow!



PS – Many thanks to Meaghan and her family for letting us stay at their place.  It was perfect and we were so lucky to have such a great place to call home while in Siesta Key!
PSS – E! Entertainment Police, care to cash in on this…?