Pretty much all I’ve been doing in my spare time these days is taking Teigan to the park.  While we have a stellar playset in the backyard, it’s always fun to take our super social wee-one to public parks so she can play with all sorts of new and exciting things – and other kiddos.  And, lesbihonest, I kind of enjoy swinging, sliding, and monkey bar-ing it, myself… love it, actually.

Having such an independent, resilient, curious, and genuinely happy little girl makes me the happiest, proudest mama around.  But I have to say, I’m starting to go through infant withdrawals.  Teigan is practically a toddler now and growing up so incredibly fast.  Everyone warns you that this will happen and, honestly, I didn’t really believe them.  Well, now, I get it.

Here’s to freezing time and never taking advantage of all of these precious playground moments… if just for one day,