Farmer’s Market

Taking in the scene pre-dancing
There’s not much more that we love than strolling around through tents and entertainment on Market Square on a Saturday afternoon.  So, as you can imagine, we totally love the Farmer’s Market!  Not only is it absolutely fantastic and it’s such a good excuse to spend money on amazingly fresh veggies and totes adorbs handmade goodies, but we may, or may not, partake in some cinnamon-sugar cider donuts.  Yikes!  So bad…. but so. freaking. good.

Anyways, Grandpa Doug has a tent set up to sell the best honey this side of… well… everywhere.  Delish!  This past Saturday we spent the morning using the Doug’s Other Honey as homebase as we watched Little Miss Independence [aka Teigan] roam all over the place.  The only time she took a backseat to the action?  When the most interactive busker was havin’ at it on his sax.  She was so intrigued, but his dancing would have intimidated a young me, too!  

I may, or may not have, danced with the gent in which case Teigan then followed suit…
Taking a break post-dancing