4th anniversary = Ziplines!

So Ben and I played hookey from all work and responsibilities on Tuesday so we could have a little fun in the mountains.  We could say that it was to take a day and celebrate our fourth anniversary, but honestly, it was us getting away and pretend like we were kids again… oh, and perhaps to make up for the fact that last time we went ziplining [on our honeymoon in Costa Rica], it was literally in the middle of two hurricanes and the ziplining was for functional purposes, not recreational.

Anyways, it was a great day and we had a blast!  

Happy fourth, Ben!  I know you’re sad the skydiving didn’t work out, but at least we saved a perfectly good pair of boxer-briefs from being thrown out!  :)


And for the honeymoon reference from above… it seemed so nice… until about 15 minutes after this photo was taken.
Costa Rica honeymoon in ’08 :: Pre-functional-zipline-hurricane-adventure