There is nothing on this planet more wonderful than your nearly-seventeen month old little girl falling asleep on you.  I’ve been talking for the past couple of weeks about how badly I wanted Teigan to nestle up in my neck and fall asleep, and low and behold, she did… and I couldn’t have been more happy.  It’s been months and months since this was commonplace for us and, quite honestly, it was the most glorious moment I’ve had in a long time.  While I could have easily fallen asleep, all I did was feel her heartbeat, smell her hair, and rub her soft back.  Just typing this takes me back there… such a perfect moment in time… that I will never forget.

I think every parent can attest to the fact that their child[ren] grow up so fast and it’s moments like these that we all dream about, pray for, and absolutely do not take for granted.  

So, Teigan, can we do that again sometime?  Like, tomorrow?