KnoxVenture Race!

This past Saturday was one of our favorite events every year – the KnoxVenture Race, benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Long story short, think Amazing Race on a local level… and obviously way more fun!  

We had an absolute blast and Team Party Rock! [that’s Ben, Matt, Christin, Teigan, and I!] totally rocked it out.  Check out the obscene amount of photos detailing some of what we did along the race…
Team Party Rock! pre-race waiting for instruction… pre-Ben throwing the wig off
Capturing Teigan’s absolute obsession with balloons – as she’s entertaining the entire room!
Animal print pants outta control!
Christin and Matt are so sexy… and they know it!
Ben canoeing it at one of the checkpoints along the Tennessee  River
Party Rock! photo op!
This happened.
Actual scene from LMFAO’s music video [hint: not really, but could be]
Teigan and I trucking it to the next checkpoint…
… where I acted like a dog at the dog park!
Why in the world did we choose to stop at Lululemon so late in the game? The workout about killed us!
Christin killin’ on the “rock wall”

We had such a fabulous time and, based on our killer standing of 2nd in the family category, I’d say Ben and I did a pretty good job of picking our teammates!

Sorry [we’re not sorry] for Party Rocking,