Day at the Park with TnT!

This past Saturday was so stinkin’ fantastic!  Not only was it beautiful out and Teigan and I had a wonderful mommy-daughter morning, but we rounded out the afternoon with lunch at the Creamery Park Grille and a couple hours of playtime at the Fountain City Park with our favorites!

The pictures pretty much say it all, you know, other than the fact that Tucker ‘n Teigan are full-on baby lovers.  Sorry, Donald and Ben… it’s true.
Ladies and their babies!

Eat. him. up!
Dangit, I love us.

This picture totally cracks me up! Such a combo of both crazy excitement, fear, and a… dirty diaper?

So… Ashley and Tuck Tuck, same time and same place this Saturday?  See you then!
Erin and Teigs