Oktoberfest Competition

Our favorite place on the planet, Crossfit Ktown, put on their first annual Oktoberfest competition this past weekend.  A day full of five back-to-back workout’s by more than 100 competitors from across East Tennessee.  While I haven’t been frequenting the gym enough to compete [although I was having major withdrawals and regrets while there all day on Saturday], Ben went for it and competed in his first-ever Crossfit competition!  Boom!
Post 1st WOD [200 m. double-KB run, box-jump burpees, and rowing] – and still smiling. Sheesh
2nd WOD of the competition – a chest-to-bar pull-ups & body weight power cleans couplet 
Pretty sure those chest-to-bar are legit. Yowza! 
Teigan watching the ladies on the barbell complex ladder 
T ready for a running break outside!
Right before the skills WOD [#4] with max double-unders [114], handstand push-ups [9] and a shotput throw [23’+]!
Shotput throw!

I’m so proud of Ben and all of the other super competitors!  Looks like I’ve gotta get my boootay back in the gym and show everyone up at Crossfit Ktown’s Oktoberfest next year!

Really missing me some Olympic lifting,
E$ Mama