A real cartoon education

I have to say, one of the most disappointing things about having a sweet lil’ girl to love on for hours on end every weekend morning is that we don’t get to share the best kind of bonding time which, at 17 months old, obvi, would happen over Jetson’s or Flinstones.  

I mean, where have all of the good cartoons gone?  Cartoons these days are horrific.  Sure, now they may teach you a little something more than about robots or the “stone age”, but the cartoons I grew up on were funny, mindless, and generally freaking awesome.  

Anyways, as I was bashing my head into the wall after listening to another round of some unrelenting song having something to do with potty time played along to way-too-progressed animation, I headed over the laptop and found the Jetson’s on Hulu.  While Teigan totally loves it, it’s really me that’s getting all the warm fuzzies.  Brings back great memories of my childhood…. mostly Matt running around the house with next to no clothes on singing the National Anthem… which has nothing to do with cartoons…
Just gotta make sure I get my hands on Dennis the Menace [black & white, duh] and Lassie for her TV transition.  And then not too long off that will be California Dreams and Step by Step and Family Matters.

VENUS-1234 [the Jetson’s phone number, duh!],
Erin Beth