A week and a half ago, Ben, Matt, Teigan, and I took an epic 24-hour venture to Atlanta to see my grandparents [Big GG and Lil’ GG to Teigan] who recently relocated there.  I tell ya, us Kreider’s know how to do it when it comes to road trips… music-a-plenty, either/or-game-galore, and stories-so-funny-you-cry [i.e. the Steakhouse Incidentsorry, mom, and you’re welcome, dad]!  Amazing.

Grandma and Grandpa’s new place is absolutely perfect and we loved every minute of getting to break it in properly with stinky diapers, Matt screaming at the TV, spilled milk, grandkid massages on the floor, loud noises, and near-breaking of antique dishes.  

T wandering in front of Big GG’s and Lil GG’s place…
Silly T & Lil’ GG

And, on top of all of that, Uncle Jack, Aunt Patsy, Catherine, Nick, Jackie, and soon-to-be-introduced Baby Mileson trucked it on over for some football and dinner… and lots of dessert. 

Family sorority pose: Nick, Catherine, Baby Mileson, E, Ben, Grandma, Teigan, Grandpa, Matt, and Jackie 
Grandma & Grandpa with their oldest [and favorite, obvi] grandchild and oldest [and favorite (and only, for the time being) great-grandchild]! 

Such a wonderful quick trip and we’re so thankful to have so much family so close,
Grandpa’s girl

PS – Check out the most adorbs photo bomb, ever!