Zeetus Lapeetus! It’s Laura!

Last weekend we had the distinct pleasure of having my absolute bestest friend in the entire world visit us for a long weekend.  Not only did this chica enter total happy-land having Laura here, but Teigan found her new best friend [looks like mama and daughter have even more in common than we thought!].  

While we’ve been able to see each other at least once every year [despite living on different sides of the US] since graduating high school, it’s been more than two years since Laura and I have had serious, multiple day, one-on-one time.  And boy, did we make the most of it!  Laura got into town around lunch on Thursday and we immediately went to doing what we do best – playing and eating – with Teigan, of course.  Thursday night was spent showing Knoxville how GB & BB roll as we spent the evening playing at a rooftop bar on Market Square; enjoying a going-away party for our dear friend, Will; a spectacularly fun concert at Bijou Theatre; post-show drinks at a speakeasy; and then we wrapped up the night at a bar where we heard – gasp! – “last call”.  

Pre-dinner reunion with Matt
We each order a cocktail. They bring us each a shot. We could have complained, but instead… we drank! And then ordered a real drink!

Friday we, by chance, caught the Veteran’s Day Parade, along Gay Street where Laura proceeded to dance for, well, everyone [theme of the day], while I coyote-called [?] the sweet gentlemen going by.  Not soon after that, we were doing what we do second-best – shopping!  While we had the best of intentions to go out again for dinner that night, we definitely spent the night curled up in PJ’s and we may, or may not, have been in bed by 9:30p.  Not much has changed since high school with us… 

Teigan channeling her inner Laura with her purse and Laura’s hair brush
Saturday was spent at the Farmer’s Market, having lunch with Matt and Ben, and running errands.  Oh, and plenty of good eatin’, sweets devouring, and vino consuming… and ABC Family watching.  Duh.


And I would say what we did on Sunday, but other than waking up at 4am to take off to the airport, there wasn’t much…

I miss you already, LLC.  And so does Teigan.  I swear I heard her say “Laura” yesterday…


Oh, and PS: If you think that those poor puppy coin slots at random registers at random stores go unnoticed to by society, you’re wrong.  Laura is single-handedly saving sad puppies one quarter [or twelve] at a time.  Exhibit A [and I could have gone to Q] at Yankee Candle…