Monthly Archives: December 2013

And then there were six…

Y’all.  So this thing happened… It only lasted 12 weeks and 6 days [but who’s counting?], but I couldn’t stop eating, [mostly Cheez-Its].  My bedtime was strictly enforced by my eyelids at 7:30pm.  I had walking pneumonia for weeks because meds, well, they weren’t for me.  My car got awesome at completely unsafe swerves to the side of the road.  And me, well, I was feeling like payback was a bee-yotch.

Yep, I got a semen infection [Ladies, I know you’re gagging.  Men, I know you’re laughing.  Ben, I know you’re patting yourself on the back while laughing].

Hoolie, Rica, and Teigan are getting a new little rugrut to play with this June!

I’m 14 weeks along and, Lordy, my body totally freakin’ remembers what it’s doing.  My maternity clothes are, as of this past weekend, clean and hanging up.  Sigh.  I definitely wore two items to work this week, but only after having a full on tear-session in the bathroom over this wardrobe decision.  I swear.  Payback.

So, look forward to tuning into the madness as I do this all over again!  I’ll be sure to share all of the awesomeness so you all have just one more thing to keep you oh-so-entertained as you’re scanning the interwebs in bed at night: the good, the bad, and mostly the hilarious.

Peace, Love, and OHMYGOSH!

Oh, and PS: I’m training to do the Knoxville Half-Marathon on March 30 [yeah, at 7.5 months pregnant].  I’d appreciate daily prayers starting now.  ;c)

Safety first!

I did it!  I’m back!  Two weekends in a row – and it can only get better since I’m so seemingly out of practice!  Win!

I will get back to current life this coming week, but I wanted to share just a few more a-day-in-the-life-of…this-summer…

As you can tell, we spend seemingly every spare moment at the lake.  We’re so fortunate to have a place like that to retreat to whenever we’d like – no cell service, a seemingly endless supply of adult beverages, the ability to be as lazy or active as you’d like, and a guaranteed early bedtime [unless Zach is in town].  Speaking of Zach, here are some from 4th of July…
I could totally bore you all to tears with photos and [what I find to be] hilarious stories of the past year, but where’s the fun in that?  So, the next blog post will be all Christmas-y ‘n stuff.  That’s not gonna feel confusing when someone reads this, or anything… ha!

Always, Teigan’s mommy

Well, this is embarrassing…

Like it or not, folks, I’m baaaack!  And check out the URL – I’m all offish ‘n stuff [a birthday present that I’m finally taking advantage of].  It only took me 350 days to follow through with my New Year’s “Resolution”… I’m beyond  mortified!  But, better late than never?

So, since I can’t possibly detail the past year and, lesbihonest, all you guys care about are Teigan updates, here’s a year in the life of Teigan – by month through pictures.

Wow.  She’s changed!

I can’t wait to get started on this again.  Hooray!  Until next time [and I don’t mean next December], loves!