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Super hero!

Getting ready...
Getting ready…
Throwin' it down, super-style!
Throwin’ it down, super-style!







So thankful that Crossfit Ktown not only allows Teigan to come in and take over the gym doing her own work-outs, but also that everyone there is completely okay with heplaying her new fav game, Super Hero!  This mostly involves her sing-yelling her own theme song and jumping off of anything far too high [therefore making you cringe and her have an even bigger smile].  It’s pretty darn adorable, especially when she throws on her makeshift cape and jumps into her homemade ship to fight off Captain Hook.

IMG_3470So, anyways, if anyone’s interested in hanging out in the sun room with us anytime soon, please step over the ship.  It’s now a part of our family…

Super mommy!


Bigger, Bigger

When I Get Bigger, Bigger by Teigan Slocum
Note: All words are original, exact quotes by Teigan Elizabeth Slocum, only to be put on virtual paper by Erin Beth Slocum

When I get bigger, bigger, I drink coffee, too.
When I get bigger, bigger, I wear scarf.
When I get bigger, bigger, I go to work.
When I get bigger, bigger, I brush my hair.
When I get bigger, bigger, I drink beer like daddy.
When I get bigger, bigger, I go run, too.
When I get bigger, bigger, I make mac ‘n cheese for breakfast.
When I get bigger, bigger, I have mommy juice.
When I get bigger, bigger, I pick up Hoolie & Rica’s poo.
When I get bigger, bigger, I wipe my own poo.
When I get bigger, bigger, I grow into a boy and have beard like daddy.
When I get bigger, bigger, I drive car fast like mommy.
When I get bigger, bigger, I be friend doctor.
When I get bigger, bigger, I mow lawn.
When I get bigger, bigger, I sit in front seat.
When I get bigger, bigger, I have keys, purse, and phone, too.
When I get bigger, bigger, I get big boobies like mommy [love her heart… if she only knew…].
When I get bigger, bigger, I grow one of those, too, daddy?

Yes, all of these have actually been spoken and most, more than once.  Ben learned after the last one was said that it was time to ensure he was wearing a towel at all times… All. Times.

Peace, love, and baby poetry & hilarity-
Teigan + Erin

Batting a Thousand

TeiganWell, as suspected, and as you can probably guess… IT’S A HE!

The lady giving the ultrasound said to us, “So what are you wanting?” and I respond with “Nothing!” which clearly made her laugh and be suspicious of what exactly we were doing there to begin with.   Of course, I meant that I didn’t care what we had.  Lesbihonest, I’ve not only told everyone under the sun that this is a boy, but I’ve also given away some of Teigan’s stuff because I was so sure it was a boy that all I cared about at that ultrasound was not being wrong.  Ha!  Thank goodness I was right.

Teigan and Baby Boy Slo will be three years and one month apart and I couldn’t be more excited that Teigan will have a little brother to boss around, errrr, share with and enjoy for the rest of her life.

I think I’m having a moment for the first real time in this pregnancy… Teigan gets a little brother… wow.  She’ll be just as lucky as I am with mine and Ben is with his, no doubt.  Happy.

Love on top,
-Mom to TWO!

New Year, New Run, New Me

January 1.  I was supposed to wake up refreshed, feeling optimistic, and being super positive – well, since I have a kid and apparently I’m no longer supposed to go out until I greet the morning crew at ‘bucks, wear the skankiest outfit that even a stripper would disapprove of, and drink far too much just because…

But truth be told, instead I woke up feeling bummed out and overwhelmed – an unfortunate theme for the past several weeks that I’m having a hard time knocking.  A couple hours went by and I decided that the best thing I could do was go on a really long wog [walk slash jog] since the sun was finally showing for the first time in days. [This was just one day after a decision to run five miles resulted in going to the bathroom in my tights less than a half-mile in… and continuing what I had set my mind to.  Don’t worry, it was just #1.  ;c)  Yep, I must be pregnant – and crazy.]

Anyways, with the sun in my eyes and Amos Lee playing in my ears, I took off.  This particular run was with a mission; to clear my head, to get back to being me.  I found myself lost in a part of my neighborhood I’ve not once ventured in the five+ years I’ve lived here and it felt so. damn. good.

Cheesy as it may sound, I gained a lot on this particular wog and I’ve decided it’s my mantra for 2014: Be curious and adventuresome with a cause and trust myself enough to take care of myself.

So, here’s to sunshine, getting lost, curiosity, adventure, self-worth, and remembering to pee before you leave the house for a long run!

Ho Ho Ho!

Having a super-active, vocal, and imaginative 2.5 year old at home is generally all-around chaos… Teigan’s “friends” [stuffed animals], her “babies” [again, stuffed animals], and every other possible thing she can use as part of her performances, stories, and activities are thrown all over the sunroom.  While I have to repeatedly tell myself that I’ll let the mess stay on the floor for a minimum of 10 minutes [as to not disrupt her next superhero missions] before we clean it up, it’s pretty darn amazing watching her mind at work these days.

Christmas, as you can imagine, was absolutely awesome.  Teigan had a blast helping us decorate the tree, watching Christmas movies on TV, learning about the spirit of Santa, and “helping” wrap the presents.  When it came to gifts, however, Teigan made the exclamation that “all of the other kids can have cookies and toys from Santa” and that she “just wanted some sticks.”  If only I could remind her of that when she’s 16… ;c)

We were so lucky to have Zach in town with us again, so all the grandparents and uncle’s were around for Teigan to play with.  It was wonderful.  As a big group, we spent Christmas Eve at Doug & Kathy’s and Christmas at my parents’ place.  One big ‘ol two-day-long par-tay.

Hard to imagine a wee-one joining us again for Christmas next year!  Bring on even more chaos!

8 days ’til we found out what #2 is… what’s your prediction?  I’m definitely saying boy.