Ho Ho Ho!

Having a super-active, vocal, and imaginative 2.5 year old at home is generally all-around chaos… Teigan’s “friends” [stuffed animals], her “babies” [again, stuffed animals], and every other possible thing she can use as part of her performances, stories, and activities are thrown all over the sunroom.  While I have to repeatedly tell myself that I’ll let the mess stay on the floor for a minimum of 10 minutes [as to not disrupt her next superhero missions] before we clean it up, it’s pretty darn amazing watching her mind at work these days.

Christmas, as you can imagine, was absolutely awesome.  Teigan had a blast helping us decorate the tree, watching Christmas movies on TV, learning about the spirit of Santa, and “helping” wrap the presents.  When it came to gifts, however, Teigan made the exclamation that “all of the other kids can have cookies and toys from Santa” and that she “just wanted some sticks.”  If only I could remind her of that when she’s 16… ;c)

We were so lucky to have Zach in town with us again, so all the grandparents and uncle’s were around for Teigan to play with.  It was wonderful.  As a big group, we spent Christmas Eve at Doug & Kathy’s and Christmas at my parents’ place.  One big ‘ol two-day-long par-tay.

Hard to imagine a wee-one joining us again for Christmas next year!  Bring on even more chaos!

8 days ’til we found out what #2 is… what’s your prediction?  I’m definitely saying boy.