New Year, New Run, New Me

January 1.  I was supposed to wake up refreshed, feeling optimistic, and being super positive – well, since I have a kid and apparently I’m no longer supposed to go out until I greet the morning crew at ‘bucks, wear the skankiest outfit that even a stripper would disapprove of, and drink far too much just because…

But truth be told, instead I woke up feeling bummed out and overwhelmed – an unfortunate theme for the past several weeks that I’m having a hard time knocking.  A couple hours went by and I decided that the best thing I could do was go on a really long wog [walk slash jog] since the sun was finally showing for the first time in days. [This was just one day after a decision to run five miles resulted in going to the bathroom in my tights less than a half-mile in… and continuing what I had set my mind to.  Don’t worry, it was just #1.  ;c)  Yep, I must be pregnant – and crazy.]

Anyways, with the sun in my eyes and Amos Lee playing in my ears, I took off.  This particular run was with a mission; to clear my head, to get back to being me.  I found myself lost in a part of my neighborhood I’ve not once ventured in the five+ years I’ve lived here and it felt so. damn. good.

Cheesy as it may sound, I gained a lot on this particular wog and I’ve decided it’s my mantra for 2014: Be curious and adventuresome with a cause and trust myself enough to take care of myself.

So, here’s to sunshine, getting lost, curiosity, adventure, self-worth, and remembering to pee before you leave the house for a long run!