Batting a Thousand

TeiganWell, as suspected, and as you can probably guess… IT’S A HE!

The lady giving the ultrasound said to us, “So what are you wanting?” and I respond with “Nothing!” which clearly made her laugh and be suspicious of what exactly we were doing there to begin with.   Of course, I meant that I didn’t care what we had.  Lesbihonest, I’ve not only told everyone under the sun that this is a boy, but I’ve also given away some of Teigan’s stuff because I was so sure it was a boy that all I cared about at that ultrasound was not being wrong.  Ha!  Thank goodness I was right.

Teigan and Baby Boy Slo will be three years and one month apart and I couldn’t be more excited that Teigan will have a little brother to boss around, errrr, share with and enjoy for the rest of her life.

I think I’m having a moment for the first real time in this pregnancy… Teigan gets a little brother… wow.  She’ll be just as lucky as I am with mine and Ben is with his, no doubt.  Happy.

Love on top,
-Mom to TWO!

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