Super hero!

Getting ready...
Getting ready…
Throwin' it down, super-style!
Throwin’ it down, super-style!







So thankful that Crossfit Ktown not only allows Teigan to come in and take over the gym doing her own work-outs, but also that everyone there is completely okay with heplaying her new fav game, Super Hero!  This mostly involves her sing-yelling her own theme song and jumping off of anything far too high [therefore making you cringe and her have an even bigger smile].  It’s pretty darn adorable, especially when she throws on her makeshift cape and jumps into her homemade ship to fight off Captain Hook.

IMG_3470So, anyways, if anyone’s interested in hanging out in the sun room with us anytime soon, please step over the ship.  It’s now a part of our family…

Super mommy!


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