A…. What?

Well, seems I somehow jinxed myself in posting to the, ahem, entire freaking world via Facebook, as to what we were having…  Like, wait, what?

Ben and I went to the doctor’s office late last week for the big ‘ol honken anatomy scan to ensure everything with our little mister was going good.  The only kicker is that the ultrasound tech [the same one who told us we were having a little HE] kept referring to our baby as a SHE.  Ben and I eventually couldn’t take it anymore and we started laughing hysterically.  She asks what was so funny and I tell her that just a few weeks ago she told us we were having a boy.  She nervously laughs and tries to play it off while, I, on the other hand, start laughing even more but only because I’m crazy nervous.  I knew it.  I just knew it…

Fortunately for us, our baby seems to be in great healthy and everything looks great!  But wait, is it a he or she?  Fast forward to her gender scan [again] and she says GIRL.  Fast forward to me silently freaking the hell out while Ben continues to laugh uncontrollably.  Like, is this for real?  No way.

Our doctor [a friend of ours that we adore and completely trust] takes me back to do another, a tie-breaker, they call it.  I’m all like, “Tie-breaker?  It’s a boy, you silly people!”  Well, low and behold, Doc says, “Yep, I’m pretty sure it’s a girl.”  Pretty sure,  you say?  I’m sorry.  I don’t do well with that.  This is my whole future being turned upsidedown right now, so let’s be totally sure.  At Doc’s offering, I went back for another gender scan the next day and fortunately the babester wasn’t moving nearly as much this go-round.  So, yep… this happened.

I’m just praying I don’t have to say “JK, y’all!” anymore…

Updated Team Slocum stats:
Ladies: 5
Gents: 1

Poor, poor Ben…

A mom of two seemingly healthy, happy GIRLS [and that’s all that really matters!]

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