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Piper Ann!

I’m embarrassed to admit that our precious, squishy, super laid-back little lady, Piper, was born almost 14 weeks ago… and I have yet to write a post – until now.

We are the anti-norm when it comes to having a new bebe in the house – constantly out of the house, naps on-the-go, babe outta mom and dad’s room immediately, etc.  It’s the way I love to roll.  That being said, I have really slacked on all of the things I was sure I would get done on my maternity leave: this blog would finally get back up and running, those baby announcements [which have pics from two months ago] would go out on time [they went out today!], and on and on.  Unfortunately, I started back at work last week and none of my big plans came to fruition. But ya know what?  I’ve had a hell of a good time with my sweet girls this summer and I look forward to catching you up on some of that over thPiper 3 months e next couple of weeks.

Until then, quick stats on our sweet girl who I, again, delivered drug-free [this one was a doozie!]…

Piper Ann Slocum | June 13, 2014 | 9 lb 7 oz | 21″

I’ll be back next week; I promise!

Love, Erin