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A week and a half ago, Ben, Matt, Teigan, and I took an epic 24-hour venture to Atlanta to see my grandparents [Big GG and Lil’ GG to Teigan] who recently relocated there.  I tell ya, us Kreider’s know how to do it when it comes to road trips… music-a-plenty, either/or-game-galore, and stories-so-funny-you-cry [i.e. the Steakhouse Incidentsorry, mom, and you’re welcome, dad]!  Amazing.

Grandma and Grandpa’s new place is absolutely perfect and we loved every minute of getting to break it in properly with stinky diapers, Matt screaming at the TV, spilled milk, grandkid massages on the floor, loud noises, and near-breaking of antique dishes.  

T wandering in front of Big GG’s and Lil GG’s place…
Silly T & Lil’ GG

And, on top of all of that, Uncle Jack, Aunt Patsy, Catherine, Nick, Jackie, and soon-to-be-introduced Baby Mileson trucked it on over for some football and dinner… and lots of dessert. 

Family sorority pose: Nick, Catherine, Baby Mileson, E, Ben, Grandma, Teigan, Grandpa, Matt, and Jackie 
Grandma & Grandpa with their oldest [and favorite, obvi] grandchild and oldest [and favorite (and only, for the time being) great-grandchild]! 

Such a wonderful quick trip and we’re so thankful to have so much family so close,
Grandpa’s girl

PS – Check out the most adorbs photo bomb, ever!

A real cartoon education

I have to say, one of the most disappointing things about having a sweet lil’ girl to love on for hours on end every weekend morning is that we don’t get to share the best kind of bonding time which, at 17 months old, obvi, would happen over Jetson’s or Flinstones.  

I mean, where have all of the good cartoons gone?  Cartoons these days are horrific.  Sure, now they may teach you a little something more than about robots or the “stone age”, but the cartoons I grew up on were funny, mindless, and generally freaking awesome.  

Anyways, as I was bashing my head into the wall after listening to another round of some unrelenting song having something to do with potty time played along to way-too-progressed animation, I headed over the laptop and found the Jetson’s on Hulu.  While Teigan totally loves it, it’s really me that’s getting all the warm fuzzies.  Brings back great memories of my childhood…. mostly Matt running around the house with next to no clothes on singing the National Anthem… which has nothing to do with cartoons…
Just gotta make sure I get my hands on Dennis the Menace [black & white, duh] and Lassie for her TV transition.  And then not too long off that will be California Dreams and Step by Step and Family Matters.

VENUS-1234 [the Jetson’s phone number, duh!],
Erin Beth


A couple days before Halloween, we had some of our favorites over for a lil’ pre-trick-or-treat bash complete with costumes, candy, and festive totally Pinterest-inspired food!  This was the first Halloween for Tucker and Robert, but Teigan’s second [and first to actually dress up].

Great afternoon and evening had by all!  We just have the best friends…. :)
Tuck [the clown] and Handsome Rob [an elephant] 
All three kiddos fogging up the front door!

And a few days later, we took Teigan out to four of the neighbors houses so she could have fun, show off her costume, and run around for a lil’ bit…. I mean, so, lesbihonest, Ben and I could score some Halloween candy for the first time in nearly two decades!

Ladybuggin’ it for life!

Oktoberfest Competition

Our favorite place on the planet, Crossfit Ktown, put on their first annual Oktoberfest competition this past weekend.  A day full of five back-to-back workout’s by more than 100 competitors from across East Tennessee.  While I haven’t been frequenting the gym enough to compete [although I was having major withdrawals and regrets while there all day on Saturday], Ben went for it and competed in his first-ever Crossfit competition!  Boom!
Post 1st WOD [200 m. double-KB run, box-jump burpees, and rowing] – and still smiling. Sheesh
2nd WOD of the competition – a chest-to-bar pull-ups & body weight power cleans couplet 
Pretty sure those chest-to-bar are legit. Yowza! 
Teigan watching the ladies on the barbell complex ladder 
T ready for a running break outside!
Right before the skills WOD [#4] with max double-unders [114], handstand push-ups [9] and a shotput throw [23’+]!
Shotput throw!

I’m so proud of Ben and all of the other super competitors!  Looks like I’ve gotta get my boootay back in the gym and show everyone up at Crossfit Ktown’s Oktoberfest next year!

Really missing me some Olympic lifting,
E$ Mama

80’s Murder Mystery Party!

Every year, our dear friends, Rachael [aka Diva] and James, host a themed murder mystery party right around Halloween time.  Anyone recall last year’s Jersey Shore-themed party – um, hello J-Woww and Pauly D!?  

This year’s theme was the ’80’s.  Hells yes.  The only thing missing was a live Journey concert; no kidding.  James & Diva pulled out all of the tricks from Vanilla Ice hovering over the ice box at the bar…

… to the place being stashed with Razzles, Ring Pop’s, and Cheeseballs – to the stellar makeshift backdrops to take terrible ’80’s couple portraits in front of!

Pat Benetar [Sam] & David Bowie [Mark]
Willie Nelson [James] & Madonna [Diva]
Bob Saget [Ben] & Molly Ringwald [yours truly]
Eddie Van Halen [Will] & Paula Abdul [Lauren]

But the best dressed peep in the place was none other than Coach!  Such a great looking female-male dog!

Until next year’s stellar party,

PS – It was Madonna!

Hangin’ at Bapa’s

With so many fun things to do, look at, and, lesbihonest, destroy, Teigan has a blast at Grandma and Grandpa [aka Bapa]’s house.  Just a few pictures to document an ordinary, you know, ten minutes in the driveway.  I don’t even want to discuss the backyard or inside.  T-struction!

“Is that a cat? I hate-slash-am-totally-intrigued by them!”

Thanks for always letting us take over your entire place, Doug and Kathy!

Day at the Park with TnT!

This past Saturday was so stinkin’ fantastic!  Not only was it beautiful out and Teigan and I had a wonderful mommy-daughter morning, but we rounded out the afternoon with lunch at the Creamery Park Grille and a couple hours of playtime at the Fountain City Park with our favorites!

The pictures pretty much say it all, you know, other than the fact that Tucker ‘n Teigan are full-on baby lovers.  Sorry, Donald and Ben… it’s true.
Ladies and their babies!

Eat. him. up!
Dangit, I love us.

This picture totally cracks me up! Such a combo of both crazy excitement, fear, and a… dirty diaper?

So… Ashley and Tuck Tuck, same time and same place this Saturday?  See you then!
Erin and Teigs

Spirited Art!

All in the name of supporting Bazillion Blooms [a Dogwood Arts tree-planting program], and also so my brother, Matt, and I could have a stellar excuse to spend a Friday night together, we signed up for a class at Spirited Art.  We hadn’t done one of these classes before, but, quite honestly, we had a blast.  And really, who knew that our pieces would actually turn out so well?
Phase One – mine is on the left and Matt’s is on the right
Almost done…
Matt & I showing off our masterpieces! I mean, they seriously are phenomenal, right? And it’s NOT paint-by-number!

Long of the short of it, Lil’ Brover: we don’t totally suck at this! Let’s do this again soon, okay?

Annie Artsy? Kinda.

While I try not to pretend that I’m more crafty than I actually am, I did give in to a bug that was itching like cray-cray and I painted up a lil’ dress for Sweet T a couple weeks ago.  Not only was it super fun to make [guilty of doing mid-presidential-debate], but Teigan looks absolutely adorable in it.  

Thanks to Grandma Kathy for inspiring me to always do more things artsy!

T sporting her new rig at the park, but can someone say “Perfect Squat!”? #crossfit101

17 months old!

Our not-so-little [26 lbs.], completely independent [plays by herself in the backyard with absolutely no guidance… mommy fail?], and super chatty [new words of the week: bapa = grandpa and shoe] lady is 17-months old today!

It’s crazy that she’s come so far.  She acts like she’s two [introductory tantrums included], but it seems like just yesterday I was breastfeeding [thank God that part of my life is over…].  

Molars coming in, books to be read, and dances to be had [mostly to Barney],

KnoxVenture Race!

This past Saturday was one of our favorite events every year – the KnoxVenture Race, benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Long story short, think Amazing Race on a local level… and obviously way more fun!  

We had an absolute blast and Team Party Rock! [that’s Ben, Matt, Christin, Teigan, and I!] totally rocked it out.  Check out the obscene amount of photos detailing some of what we did along the race…
Team Party Rock! pre-race waiting for instruction… pre-Ben throwing the wig off
Capturing Teigan’s absolute obsession with balloons – as she’s entertaining the entire room!
Animal print pants outta control!
Christin and Matt are so sexy… and they know it!
Ben canoeing it at one of the checkpoints along the Tennessee  River
Party Rock! photo op!
This happened.
Actual scene from LMFAO’s music video [hint: not really, but could be]
Teigan and I trucking it to the next checkpoint…
… where I acted like a dog at the dog park!
Why in the world did we choose to stop at Lululemon so late in the game? The workout about killed us!
Christin killin’ on the “rock wall”

We had such a fabulous time and, based on our killer standing of 2nd in the family category, I’d say Ben and I did a pretty good job of picking our teammates!

Sorry [we’re not sorry] for Party Rocking,

Bedtime, errr, playtime?

This is what happens in my household nearly every single night.  It’s called Operation Let’s-find-everything-fun-and-obnoxious-and-loud-to-play-with-and-bang-on.  Super cute, right?  Um, yeah… except for when it’s 30 minutes past her bedtime and we’re clearly not even close to putting her pajamas on.  Sigh.

Who needs to count sheep when you’ve got pots to bang on, songs to sing, and dances to be danced?


There is nothing on this planet more wonderful than your nearly-seventeen month old little girl falling asleep on you.  I’ve been talking for the past couple of weeks about how badly I wanted Teigan to nestle up in my neck and fall asleep, and low and behold, she did… and I couldn’t have been more happy.  It’s been months and months since this was commonplace for us and, quite honestly, it was the most glorious moment I’ve had in a long time.  While I could have easily fallen asleep, all I did was feel her heartbeat, smell her hair, and rub her soft back.  Just typing this takes me back there… such a perfect moment in time… that I will never forget.

I think every parent can attest to the fact that their child[ren] grow up so fast and it’s moments like these that we all dream about, pray for, and absolutely do not take for granted.  

So, Teigan, can we do that again sometime?  Like, tomorrow?

4th anniversary = Ziplines!

So Ben and I played hookey from all work and responsibilities on Tuesday so we could have a little fun in the mountains.  We could say that it was to take a day and celebrate our fourth anniversary, but honestly, it was us getting away and pretend like we were kids again… oh, and perhaps to make up for the fact that last time we went ziplining [on our honeymoon in Costa Rica], it was literally in the middle of two hurricanes and the ziplining was for functional purposes, not recreational.

Anyways, it was a great day and we had a blast!  

Happy fourth, Ben!  I know you’re sad the skydiving didn’t work out, but at least we saved a perfectly good pair of boxer-briefs from being thrown out!  :)


And for the honeymoon reference from above… it seemed so nice… until about 15 minutes after this photo was taken.
Costa Rica honeymoon in ’08 :: Pre-functional-zipline-hurricane-adventure 

Farmer’s Market

Taking in the scene pre-dancing
There’s not much more that we love than strolling around through tents and entertainment on Market Square on a Saturday afternoon.  So, as you can imagine, we totally love the Farmer’s Market!  Not only is it absolutely fantastic and it’s such a good excuse to spend money on amazingly fresh veggies and totes adorbs handmade goodies, but we may, or may not, partake in some cinnamon-sugar cider donuts.  Yikes!  So bad…. but so. freaking. good.

Anyways, Grandpa Doug has a tent set up to sell the best honey this side of… well… everywhere.  Delish!  This past Saturday we spent the morning using the Doug’s Other Honey as homebase as we watched Little Miss Independence [aka Teigan] roam all over the place.  The only time she took a backseat to the action?  When the most interactive busker was havin’ at it on his sax.  She was so intrigued, but his dancing would have intimidated a young me, too!  

I may, or may not have, danced with the gent in which case Teigan then followed suit…
Taking a break post-dancing


Teigan pulls, tugs, pets, and tackles.  Hoolie relaxes, enjoys, lays, and embraces.  They share their food, beds, personal space, and saliva.  They chase eachother, talk to eachother, play hide ‘n seek together, and love eachother.
Teigan + Hoolie = BFF!

I’m totally going to try and find matching necklaces for them…

Avanti Savoia’s Mascot

As everyone should know, Ben owns and operates a gourmet food importing business, Avanti Savoia.  Every now and then, Teigan will grace the office and use the warehouse as her own personal playground [which we all know she loves!].  

Ben took it upon himself a couple of weeks ago to brand her as the official Avanti Savoia mascot…

Nothing like using your kid for some solid PR action.  Ha!  But since it’s completely adorable, we were all okay with it.  

Plus, we’re hoping all of this gourmet influence rubs off on her.  It certainly has so far.  She refuses any oil, except EVOO with Black Truffle.  Good, smart girl…

<3, Teigan's Mom


Pretty much all I’ve been doing in my spare time these days is taking Teigan to the park.  While we have a stellar playset in the backyard, it’s always fun to take our super social wee-one to public parks so she can play with all sorts of new and exciting things – and other kiddos.  And, lesbihonest, I kind of enjoy swinging, sliding, and monkey bar-ing it, myself… love it, actually.

Having such an independent, resilient, curious, and genuinely happy little girl makes me the happiest, proudest mama around.  But I have to say, I’m starting to go through infant withdrawals.  Teigan is practically a toddler now and growing up so incredibly fast.  Everyone warns you that this will happen and, honestly, I didn’t really believe them.  Well, now, I get it.

Here’s to freezing time and never taking advantage of all of these precious playground moments… if just for one day,